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Do you have a company? Sell products or provide services? The General Data Protection Law (LGPD in portuguese) that will come into effect on August, 2020 will directly impact almost all sectors of your company and your entire business. Do you have questions about how to fit in or what should be done? We make our knowledge on the subject available free of charge, covering the three fundamental disciplines: Legal (laws), processes and technology in order to clarify your doubts and help you to comply with the law.


All submissions will have access to content with a multidisciplinary view on the topic that will help to better understand how to assess your company's fitness needs. Companies with specific questions may also receive a free online consultation of 30 minutes, according to the rules of participation that will be sent by email.


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Privacy is a fundamental human right

With the emergence of individual privacy questions echoing around the world and the need for the Law to be involved in multidisciplinary processes, we combine our competences to act in an integrated manner, assisting companies in their new needs in data protection, privacy and information security legislation


From the training and consultancies we conducted, the need for multidisciplinary processes became evident. We then developed a proprietary methodology that allows companies to better adapt to the General Data Protection Law.


Multidisciplinary consultancies in information security (IS) and data privacy, vulnerability testing in information and communication technology systems and social engineering, digital marketing and brand positioning, business digitization (offline to online - O2O), project management and process improvement.


Multidisciplinarity minimally involves legal knowledge (contracts and legislation), processes, projects, technology and marketing.

Immersion in LGPD

Vulnerability Testing

Social Engineering Tests

Information security

Adequacy to the LGPD


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